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A bitter sweet mother's day, dinner with Jason, Dawn, talking with Tracy and Stacy on the phone, visiting your garden, Vernon.In my heart and in my mind, we were all together. now I'm home and came to your site, more pictures, a message from you, I felt your hug, I felt your kiss, thank you my Angel son,  your mom loves you so very much and miss you more than words can say. So I will go to sleep tonite thinking of you, Jason, Tracy and Stacy too, as I thank God for the blessing of my four beautiful children.



Happy Mother's Day Mom

I am watching over you from Heaven and I am proud of you!

--Love, Vernon


I remember when you were a baby, Everyone thought Stacy and I would hurt you. We were so excited to have you! We use to put you on our laps and sing to you "Vernie had a hot rod car, hot rod car, to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb. We would pull you around in the wagon while you laid there like Mr. Man. You wanted to follow me, Stacy, and Jason everywhere we went and when you couldn't you would just cry your eyes out.

I miss you so much, but I know where you are and I know I will see you soon. Until then keep your family close to you, we need you.--Me


Our last Mother's Day together, the dinner, the way you and Stacy helped at an accident. the nice peaceful place you took us to off of Hwy T, O how I wish I could go there again. We walked and let tasa put her feet in the water, it was beautiful, Vernon, thank you for that cherished memory. I thank God I was chose to be your Mom and thank you son for letting me be your Mom, to baby you even when you were older. you told me several times, get me moose tracks ice cream, Mom and it'll make you feel better and I did. I would get every carton of moose tracks ice cream for you if it would make it better now. Better for me, I guess cause you have it all, you dance with Angels, and Heaven is in your beautiful green eyes.  Send Mom Angel hugs and Angel kisses too. I love you son, I miss you.

When I was learning how to drive a stick shift, everyone was trying to teach me.  It was so frustrating b/c I guess I just didn't understand what they were saying.  Well then Vernon said he would teach me.  He just sat there and let me try what everyone else had taught me.  I would get frustrated and he would sit in the passenger seat and laugh at me.  Finally he explained it to me and I got it, I wasn't good at it and I'm still not very good at it, but he was the only one that could teach it in a way I could understand.  He was always there if I needed him and still is, and I will never forget that laugh of his.  He was just having a good ole time watching me get so frustrated which made me laugh too.  Thank You Vernon for everything!

For Vernon


Vernon, Please watch over our families and fly high above the clouds with my dear Angel, Jason Murray!!!  I know you guys are enjoying Heaven!!!




When Vernon was decideing about college in his senior year of High school, he said he wasnt going to school forever like his sister's Tracy and Stacy. they both hold degrees, but may 1 Tracy graduated again, and I thought of vernon that nite and what he had said, but yet I could feel his presence there and feel his love for his sister as she walked for her diploma, i feel he walked with her.

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